New Website for Speedy Chick

New Website for Muscle Shoals-Based Restaurant.

Designing the new website for Speedy Chick was a great process. The client provided the content, including all the branding components. When you work with a solid business with a solid product, highlighting its features is a breeze. In this case, that meant really showing off the chicken tenders, fries, and sauces. Additionally, since I knew the main things visitors want from a restaurant’s website, I focused on really communicating both the menu and location of the restaurant. To that end, I attempted to make it as easy to access the menu and location as possible for the customers. Below is a run-down of everything I completed for this project.

Web Design and SEO Services Completed

  • New site design and creation
  • Email accounts creation and setup
  • Google My Business account creation
  • Site added to Google Analytics
  • Site was submitted to Google for faster indexing
  • Site added to Google Search Console (Sitemaps added)
  • SSL Cert (secure added)

It is easy to create a great site for a business that I believe in and support wholeheartedly.

Please visit Speedy Chick’s website at and check out their truly amazing food.

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