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I build modern, custom websites that dominate Google rankings and convert your visitors into customers.


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Is your website costing you potential business because…


It's Slow?

If your website load time is too slow, it is affecting the user experience. Many visitors will leave the site before it fully loads, unlikely to return. 

It's Cluttered and Confusing?

If your website is not visually appealing, if the layout is confusing, and if the navigation is not user-friendly, visitors will leave.

It's Not Responsive?

If your website is not mobile-responsive, it looks distorted on smaller screens. Given that most people access the internet through their mobile devices, your visitors will leave.


It's Outdated?

If your website content is not updated regularly, people have no reason to visit. No regular content communicates a lack of authority to your visitors and makes it harder for them to find you online.

The Solution

Custom Web Design Services That Work

I understand that creating a successful website can seem tricky. I also understand that not having a website OR having one that is ineffective is costing your business opportunities AND money.

I can make sure that your web presence is consistently growing by regularly turning visitors into customers.

My web design services are built around this goal.

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Create / Update

I create custom, modern, optimized websites that help businesses thrive. I can build a brand new site, or I can update your existing one.

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Maintain / Support

I provide ongoing website support to help your business to grow, thrive, and, ultimately, reach more customers.

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Grow / Thrive

I offer an SEO Boost (search engine optimization) plan that will help grow your business’ client base by reaching more people.



“John transformed my dated and clunky website into an attractive, up-to-date, well-organized site. Equally important, he also offered beneficial suggestions for needed materials. John is extremely easy to work with, professional, and responds very quickly.”

Terri Flateby, Ph.D.

Owner, T.L. Flateby & Consultants

“John went above and beyond helping me with my website redesigning. I had an older site that was slow and not very responsive. He rebuilt it from the ground up and was able to implement my ideas as he went. We were able to have Zoom calls and discuss my different plans and how I wanted the site to look and act.”

Shaun Dalton

Owner, Dalton Appraisals & Auctions

“John created an e-commerce site for my business. With the covid pandemic, my sales dropped, but with my new website, customers can see all my products and now my sales are great!”

Martin Gault

Owner, RLC Signs

LeMay Web Design Muscle Shoals Alabama

What could you do if your business was thriving?

Are you looking to enhance your online presence and attract more customers to your website? If so, then you have come to the right place.

As a web design professional, I specialize in creating high-quality websites that look great and perform exceptionally well with user experience, search engine optimization, and conversion rates: turning your visitors into customers and clients.

I understand that your website is often the first point of contact between your business and potential customers, and a well-designed website makes all the difference in how your business is perceived by your audience.

To check out the details of my services, see my pricing guide below. To go ahead and get started with me, simply request a quote.